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Ms. Campbell is still strutting her stuff at 43. The infamous model sashayed, strolled, stumped and glided down the runway at Philipp Plein’s show in Milan on Sunday. Regardless of her sometimes mean girl antics, nobody can hold a candle to her mean walk. She has inspired Beyonce so much that you’d be hard pressed to find a Beyonce video where the singer isn’t doing the Naomi Campbell walk.

Part of what makes her stride so wonderful to behold is the attitude in which she presents it. Sometimes, playful, sometimes with laser sharp focus but always with confidence. Watching Ms. Campbell walk is a lesson in owning your power as a woman.  I’m a tall drink of water myself, and in my youth I use to feel awkward walking into a room. I never seemed to be able to avoid the all eyes on me feeling. As a result, most times I’d do my best to dash across a room and find a chair so as to quickly go unnoticed. That strategy never really worked. Now that I’m in my 40’s, I’ve decided to embrace my inner Naomi Campbell.

I’m getting married in May and this is definitely a day where I can’t, and don’t want to, avoid that all eyes on me feeling. When I glide down the aisle to my husband to be, I want to do it confidently as I walk towards my future. I’ll be practicing my Naomi Campbell walk from now until my wedding. And I plan to keep that stride in my arsenal of confidence weapons for those moments when owning my feminine power is my only choice.  Besides, a great walk adds style regardless of what you’re wearing!