This is exactly what I did after I found myself crying inconsolably in the housewares section of Macy’s on a beautiful bright Saturday afternoon. Everything was rubbing my nerves raw. The heart breaking lack of interest some of my oldest and dearest friends seemed to be showing after my announcement of my impeding wedding. The seeming lack of consideration or encouragement coming from my future in-laws. And the sheer volume of obstacles that seemed to be placed in my way regarding every bit of effort that comes with planning an out of town wedding in a town in which I are not familiar. Couple all that with the ever increasing sense of loneliness that comes over me every time I unexpectedly realized that my own parents are no longer around to see me go through this long awaited time in my life, and it all just became too much.  An immediate break from wedding planning was definitely in order.

I guess you can chuck this up on the list of things no one tells you about wedding planning until you plan your own. A good deal of the time, it kinda sucks.

Thankfully a few weeks break was just what the doctor ordered because I’m back and ready to go! The hunt for the dress is back on and now I’m adding looking into transportation for that day, and my fiance and I are almost settled on where we might honeymoon.

And about all those things that were rubbing me raw, well with time I’ve gained a new perspective. While it would be nice to have more of my friends show interest or at the very least happiness for me, I can’t expect anyone to care more about my wedding then I do. I’m grateful for the friends who have acknowledged my big news and are happy for me.  I can’t control nor expect anything more from anyone else. That goes the same for my future in-laws. People will care about and show concern for what is important and immediate to them. It would be nice if I could get more interest and emotional support, but I simply can’t expect it or be let down by it.

Besides it’s my and my fiance’s day and if I keep that in mind, I know I’ll get through any little hiccups, setbacks and minor disappointments that come along the way on my journey to the big day.