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Every year around this time we are inundated with stories of celebrities who are asked to attend a high school senior prom. Often times we find these stories sweet and endearing as we look upon the gesture with the sentimentality that reminds us of our own high school prom days and think how awesome it would have been to have had your celebrity crush as our date.

It’s one thing to see someone like Taylor Swift attends a young man’s prom, it seems like a kind and thoughtful gesture made by one of the world’s best known pop stars. However when a reality star known for bad girl behavior and dating, marrying and divorcing a high profile bad boy and reportedly abusive athlete, I can’t help but wonder what the parents of the 19 year old boy who asked Evelyn Lozada, 37, were thinking?


Surely the young man was thinking Lozada was a beautiful and obviously sexy woman and that he’d have the time of his life showing up with her on his arm at his prom. So yeah I get it from his point of view.


What I don’t understand is the mindset of all the adults involved in this event. Lozada has stated that she accepted the 19 year old senior’s twitter request because she was unable to attend her own prom because she was pregnant. And while I am not questioning her motivations but more her intentions particularly as she showed up wearing a dress that was clearly meant to steal the show as they say.


And as far as the young man’s parents are concerned, Ms. Lozada of Basketball Wives Fame, is not someone generally thought of as a role model for teenagers. Her status as one for adults is even questionable. So again I wonder, why when upon learning that their son had expressed interest in having this woman attend as his date did they agree? Were they too caught up in the idea of celebrity as coolness, rather then thinking of how the attendance of this sort of celebrity affects their community, their children and their son?

But ultimately I feel the most disappointment towards Lozada. With all the high profile events she attends each year, surely she has had enough opportunities to replace her missed out prom experience without having to show up at one of the last great teenage events any high schooler can experience, and turning it into a publicity stunt only to further promote her highly sexualized image and fame and money at all costs lifestyle.

There is a line that we all need to be aware of especially now with the access twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr and the like affords us in terms of connecting with celebrities. As our children grow up and mature in this dizzyingly fast paced world, we need to safe guard them from experiences that may seem outwardly cool, but actually steals from them one of the few opportunities to shine in their own spotlight as just themselves. A high school prom should never be about a scantily clad 37 year old woman, desperately looking for more media attention.