bts-jada-pinkett-smith-yl-deThe following is taken from Jada Pink Smith’s facebook page. I love her insight and thought this particular post was one worth sharing here.

Letting Go.

I have a friend that I had to lovingly let go. We had very different perspectives on what being a friend meant. There was no right or wrong…just different. Unfortunately, we lacked the ability to find a happy medium that made our friendship enjoyable, and we went our separate ways. Today, I realized that the ability for two people to separate, for the reason that you care for the other so much and desire them to be happy and accepted for who they are without question or doubt, IS a gift of friendship. We were able to take care of ourselves as well as one another. This experience gave me a different definition of “friendship”, and that at times “friendship” can come in forms we don’t recognize.

I am grateful for the lesson.