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Here is the couch I wish we bought, it’s a beautifully worn in tobacco leather sectional from ABC Home and Carpet, on sale for $6,999. It’s extra wide, perfect for snuggling!

When most people think about decorating, aesthetics usually guide their choices, followed by comfort. As my fiance and I were looking for the perfect couch, we knew it had to serve two important functions. First, we needed it to be a sofa bed as we don’t have a second bedroom for over night guests. Next, we needed it to be a sectional because as tall people, we both wanted to be able to comfortably lay on it while watching television. However since we’ve been in our new apartment, about 6 months, we’ve noticed there’s something we over looked with we chose this piece of furniture. While we can both lay separately on the couch, it’s not exactly wide enough to lay together.


This piece is so large, it makes the sectional into a bed, and a comfy place to rest your feet. Push it away from the couch and put a large tray on top and it doubles as a coffee table! ABC Home and Carpet sale price, $2,999.

As a couple we’ve been together for over 6 years, so we are always looking for ways to stay romantic with each other. Snuggling together on the couch forces you to put the laptops and ipones away and just enjoy being physically close. A good wide comfortable couch allows you to do that, our couch doesn’t. It’s funny how you realize what’s important. After trying and failing many times to lay side by side on the couch to watch TV, it finally dawned on us that the couch was too narrow. Turns out the look of the couch was actually the least of our concerns. From this point on I think when we make furniture purchases, form and function will become the norm.

And while yes these pieces are a bit pricey even on sale, when it comes to creating a more intimate setting to snuggle up with your Boo, a perfect couch is priceless!