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In an effort to save money and to ease the stress on my already bulging closet, I’ve decided to go on a clothes shopping diet for one year. During our move late last year I realized that I had an abundance of clothes. I purged several times before the move and I did another purge for spring cleaning. So why is it that I’m still able to stuff two closets (albeit 2 small NY condo closets), and every possible square inch underneath our king size bed with clothing. Not to mention that I still have two large bags of clothes sitting in storage.

Every few months I find my self re-organizing my closet based on the weather. Storing warm layers and finally being able to pull out all my summer goodies, I’ve come to realize that maybe, just maybe I need a break from hording. Since I have a wedding to plan and pay for, this seems like an ideal way to curb my spending in one area while focusing my savings/shopping savvy for the big event. Also there are too many items with the tags still attached so I’ve decided that regardless of where I need to go, what ever I already own will have to make do.


I have allowed myself three exceptions. First, skinny white jeans. I’ve been hunting for the perfect skinny white jean for years and while I’m not planning to do any shopping, if I finally come across this elusive item for summer I will make the leap, for the right price. For fall, the perfect faux fur vest. I’ve been hunting for this item for years as well and it’s my one fall/winter purchase that I will allow myself. Last, my wedding attire. My strategy is to find the right dress, and then over the course of the year, acquire the accessories I’ll need.


Now here’s where the fun comes in. I’ve decided that regardless of my diet, I still want to challenge myself to stay fashionable and occasionally on trend. Therefore I will be looking to recreate looks I find on blogs, fashion magazines and websites, small boutiques and large department store chains for inspiration on how to style my old clothing in new ways. I’m actually super excited to see what I’m able to come up with. And of course I’ll be sharing some of my inspirations and the resulting ensembles here from time to time so that you too may be inspired to go on a clothing diet and start shopping your closet.