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The Obamas keep date night going, even in the White House!

The concept of date night gets kicked around in my household every few months. Initially we’re both eager to commit to a night of fun to remind us of our early dating days. But after a few weeks we are back to our normal routines and date night is forgotten. It isn’t for lack of wanting to have fun, or even lack of time, but a lack of ideas that end up bringing us to a halt.

Now that summer is slowly creeping around the corner, I’m more determined then ever to revive date night and keep it going at least until fall. So in doing some research here’s a few ideas we can all use to keep our date nights from running out of gas.


I love bowling. This is a date you can do with friends as a double date to rev up the competition factor or just hit up the lanes as a couple. Many bowling alleys now have sophisticated light shows and dance music on the weekends making it feel like a night at the disco, so it’s a two for one kind of deal.


Don’t know how to shoot pool you say. Well this is the perfect game to cozy up with your partner and learn to play. I mean come on, you have to admit there’s something a bit steamy about leaning over a pool table with a long stick while shooting at balls, or maybe that’s just me.


You don’t have to have court side seats like Bey and Jay to score points with your boo. Even nose bleed seats can be fun with a couple of beers and a hot dog. Nothing says love like yelling for your favorite sports team at a big arena. Or try going to a minor’s baseball game or a local league sporting event.


There’s more then one way to get your heart racing while getting close to each other. Instead of watching a game on TV or seeing a game at an arena, try heading out to the courts for a little one on one. Playing sports and exercising together helps you work up a sweat that’s sure to keep you energized and healthy.

zoo date night

We recently bought a car and one of the first road trips we’re planning is a weekend date at the zoo. As much as we love our kitty, there’s nothing like appreciating the big cats up close. Lions. tigers and bears, indeed!

golf couples

I will admit, 18 holes of golf is not my idea of a fun day. Now if you say 9 holes, I’m in and if you say, lets hit a few at the driving range, even better. Of course nothing beats miniature golf in my book which is the ultimate fun date.