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Recently a pair of girlfriends ran into an old beau. When he inquired about me they informed him that I had gotten engaged, at which point, Mr. Man proceeded to wax nostalgically about how I might have been the one who got away.

Why oh why do people do this?  After hearing I was no longer on the market, did it make him more apt to show his true feelings, or was he just putting on a show? And if he was sincere, why does it take people so long to realize their mistakes?

Over my 40 plus years I’ve learned to never look back in regret. Of course I recognize in hindsight that I would’ve make different choices if I knew then what I know now. I do not however wish for do overs. Things happened as they needed to happen at that time.

This particular guy was and, as far as I’ve been told, still is an incredibly good looking man. A former NFL linebacker, he was at the top of his game when we first met. Ironically I paid this man very little attention at first because I was licking my wounds so hard over someone else’s rejection I barely notice when this charming, handsome man was showing me interest. (Thus referring back to my previous post about how to get over them and move on quickly)

To make a long story short, when he had the chance, he chose someone else. This someone was a young lady who I can only imagine fit the image, at least outwardly, of all the things he thought would match his rising star profile. I never thought he made a wrong choice, I always thought he made the only choice that felt right to him at that time. To hear he regrets that choice doesn’t make me feel flattered in anyway. Our moment has long since pasted and we both have moved on.

Yet that part of me, who remembers the girl I was back then, does wistfully look back and say, “you picked the wrong girl you big fat dummy!”