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The weather outside is finally catching up with the calendar. Warm sunny days means more time spend outside. It also means less clothing. Have you been hiding under over-sized sweaters and slouchy boyfriend jeans only to undercover you’ve unwittingly gained an extra 10 pounds?

After 40, it gets harder and harder to find time for regular exercise. Children, career, home and relationships take up much of the space on our to do lists. When we look in the mirror, we barely notice the subtle changes happening to our bodies, especially when it comes to gaining weigh and aging. I know when I look in the mirror, I don’t see the signs that I’ve put on an extra pound or two unless I’m trying on new clothes in a department store. Isn’t it funny how that works! And when I do finally see it, I think, oh it’s just a few pounds, it’ll come off in a few weeks.

Our bodies have a cruel way of reminding us that we are indeed not as young as we use to be. Little aches and pains here and there, with sore joints and knees from prolonged exertion are sure signs we have fallen out of shape and aging. Many women in their 30’s start to notice the spread in the middle take over despite their best dieting efforts. Luckily for us ladies, there are all sorts of low impact sports that can help keep us fit while enjoying the warm weather.


Catherine Zeta Jones, 43, takes a swing.

GOLF….builds stamina, leg strength and is what summer is made of for true golfers.


Jennifer Aniston, 44 strikes a pose.

YOGA…improves strength and flexibility and when taken outside, adds a refreshing change of scenery.


Cameron Diaz, 40, swimmingly svelte.

SWIMMING…is a great low impact cardio workout perfect for enjoying the outdoors at pools and beaches.


Michelle Obama, 49, gets it jumping with the kids.

PLAYING WITH THE KIDS…challenges your stamina, provides cardio and builds relationships.


Kirstie Alley, 62, dances the weight off.

DANCING….a great cardio workout that can be fun and engaging whether done alone, in a group or as a pair.