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One of the downsides to living in a big city is learning to live within small spaces. Our beautiful new condo is adorned with classic dark hardwood floors and over-sized windows that flood in light. There are shiny new appliances and a larger than usual bathroom, but overall our storage space is lacking. While on the hunt for great furniture pieces, we are also on the look out for double duty workhorses that provide style and function. Recently we picked up this great coffee table that plays several roles for our small space living.


First it’s on wheels, which is what you need when you have a couch that has a pull out bed. The wheels allow for easy maneuvering when the sofa bed is in use and lock in place when you need a stable surface. Also, the top of the coffee table has two removable trays that when flipped over can be used as a cushioned foot rest.


This cushioned, multifunction coffee table can be found at Bob’s Discount Warehouse for $199

Last, there is a large pull out drawer perfect for storing additional guest linens and pillows for the sofabed, or DVD’s, remotes, books and anything else you want hidden from view. We love this latest addition to our growing collection of furniture for our little condo and it’s inspired us to hunt for additional dual functional pieces. I hope this inspires you to hunt for space saving furniture that serves a multitude of purposes.

Happy Hunting!