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Nick's b day flowers

Last weekend we had a dinner party and a friend of ours brought flowers as a house warming gift. Over the past week I’ve been admiring these flowers and I realized the last time flowers were in the apartment, it was after a fight. Lately it seems the only time flowers get introduced to my personal landscape is when there has been some sort of discord. Am I the only one who this applies to? It’s as if we know that if flowers are brought in after a fight, it’s a signal it’s time to clear the air. Plants and flowers by nature are good at air cleaning.

Outdoor fresh flower market

Thinking about it, I can’t say that I remember when I had flowers in the house just for no reason at all. I can’t even recall getting them as a romantic gift in quite some time. Surely at 40 something years of age I can’t have gotten too cynical for getting flowers as a romantic gesture. A talk with the fiance might me in order!

Flowers are such lovely things of beauty and the fact that they aren’t meant to last longer than a week once cut, makes admiring them more purposeful. There’s a reason why the saying goes; take time to stop and smell the roses. Living in a big city, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and not notice the small patches of nature and it’s splendor. With that said, I think I’ll go out and buy myself a nice bouquet of something pretty, because we shouldn’t have to wait to be in a fight to have such lovely reminders of nature’s beauty.