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Demi Moore at 50 years old

Demi Moore first caught my attention in the 80’s hit, St. Elmo’s Fire. The long dark hair, the mischievous twinkle in her eyes and that voice. She had a wild child allure that made every guy salivate and every girl want to be her best friend.

Over the years I’ve watched Ms. Moore, sometimes with a passing curiosity and sometimes with awe. Her film career and personal life always seem to garner some bit of attention, but lately it’s her love life that appears to be taking center stage.

In recent weeks it’s come to light that Ms. Moore is seeking spousal support and legal fees from her estranged husband, Ashton Kutcher. The fact that Moore is believed to be worth $150 million makes the spousal support request seem to some, like an act of vengeance and hurt rather than of one truly needing financial support. I have no idea what’s really behind Moore’s actions nor do I care to speculate on her motives.

Seeing her in the headlines over this past year has gotten me thinking about how all of us live out contradictory lives at some point. People who have it all put together on the outside rarely appear to be that way on the inside. Role models, as it turns out, are seldom perfect. And so I’ve compiled a list of all the things I’ve come to cringe about regarding Ms. Moore while at the same time loving her anyway.

demi on vanity 1

LOVED HER FOR THIS….She was the first celebrity to appear nude on a cover of a mainstream magazine pregnant, and boy oh boy was there backlash. But she sparked a change in how we see sex symbols and dared to prove that the beauty of pregnancy has it’s own sex appeal.

strip tease movie poster

CRINGED OVER THIS….When this movie was released she was the highest paid actress in Hollywood and arguably one of the most influential. She could have gotten any role she wanted, or gotten any movie made so it’s a bit disappointing that she chose this particular vehicle to display her …. talents.

ash and dem

LOVED HER FOR THIS….While she certainly wasn’t the first woman to date younger men, she changed the game when they actually got married. Ashton Kutcher is 16 years her junior and from the get go he was every girl’s fantasy boy toy. Moore made an honest man out of him giving women in their 40’s a kind of new hope that they too could meet a younger guy and have more than just a casual fling.

demi and family

LOVED HER FOR THIS….Demi, Ashton and Bruce Willis made the blended family thing look like second nature. Why be advisories when you can all be friends? Who knows if they were a tight bunch in their out of the spotlight moments, the fact that they put on a united public front made us all re-think the term; for the stake of the kids.

demi breaks from ash

CRINGED OVER THIS….Their breakup was headline news around the world, mostly because although we all wanted it to last, somehow we all knew it wouldn’t. It’s not the fact that she dated and fell in love with a younger man, it’s that she dated and fell in love with Ashton Kutcher, every girl’s fantasy boy toy. Despite his political astuteness and seeming enthusiasm to be a step father figure to Moore’s children, who were merely a few years his junior, he was still the guy who created Punk’d. So it came as no surprise when the humiliating headlines surfaced that he had cheated on their anniversary and then the girl who he cheated with gleeful granted interviews detailing the entire meaningless encounter. This wasn’t just a guy who cheated on his wife, this was a guy looking for a way out, and he found it.

demi moore dancing us mag

LOVED HER FOR THIS…After a year of headlines that saw her in and out of hospitals and rehab, while reportedly having a strained relationship with her daughters, she went and did what a girl half her age would do. Sometimes when it all seems too much, you have to listen to your inner younger girl voice and say”fuck it” and go out and have a good time despite it all.

We all want to think we get older and wiser with age, but the truth is life often gets complicated and messy as the years go by. Celebrities are the prime example of that lesson. Regardless of how things play out for Ms. Moore, I’ll always have great fondness for her bravado and timeless swagger. Check her out in this Jimmy Kimmel clip.