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Michael Kors - Front Row - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Michael Douglas, 68, and Catherine Zeta Jones, 43. Did a younger man ever stand a chance?

“Greed is good”, do you remember those famous words uttered by Michael Douglas in the 80’s classic film Wall Street? Back then it defined a mind state that seemed particularly pervasive in that era. The idea that I want it, and I want it all for myself became some folks personal mantras. Perhaps it was then that we as a society started to become hyper competitive in how we do things. One upping each other is now an everyday practice that we somehow unwittingly have adopted in our lifestyles. I came to this thought process after going on the hunt for various things over the past few days and weeks.

brunch crowd

The competition to eat a meal

First, a place to find Bru-dinner. Bru-dinner is a term my fiance came up with several years ago for that time period, particularly on a Sunday when it’s too late for brunch but a bit too early for dinner. Living in NYC we often fine it challenging to go out during normal eating hours on the weekends because most places are packed. Rather than enduring insufferably long waits, we came up with the concept of Bru-dinner. Usually we pick 4:30 to 5:30 as the ideal Bre-dinner time because that’s when restaurants have cleared out their brunch customers and are preparing for dinner. I know it’s considered an old folks time of day to eat, but hey it works for us. We use these Sunday meals as a chance to explore new neighborhoods and cuisines at our leisure. Usually we can go right in, get a table and be eating in less then 20 minutes. When we’re done, there’s plenty of time to enjoy a movie, an early evening stroll, or go home and relax with a movie and dessert. We’ve come to love these meals and look forward to them whenever they come up. Except this past Sunday when at 4:30 in the afternoon every place we went, was ridiculously packed. It was as if someone let the cat out the bag and everyone had adopted our Bru-dinner date.

Competing for brunch, lunch, dinner and now our beloved Bru-dinner almost sent us over the edge. We settled on eating at a diner.

wedding reception

Then there is my search for a venue to host my reception. We’ve come up with a date and it’s more then a year away. So with such a large lead time I never thought I’d be in an almost panic about not finding a suitable place to hold my wedding and reception, yet panicking I most certainly am. Turns out many venues are booked 18 months in advance. WHAT! With all the doom and gloom talk by the media about a slow recovering economy and there being fewer people getting married as a lifestyle choice, I thought finding a place to wed would be no problem.

bruce willis

Bruce Willis, 58, and his wife Emma Heming Willis, 34. His on screen and off screen co-stars are all at least 20 years his junior.

Last night my fiance brought over a male friend for dinner. He’s an older gentleman of about 65 and he’s single and very ready to mingle. He has girls on the brain and takes every opportunity to meet every available woman within 30 seconds of entering a room. He says his target age range for dating is, 20 to 55. WOW! My fiancee told me he was glad he was off the market because it’s tough out there, you’re competing with every guy who has a pulse, and a Viagra prescription.

Suddenly I’m looking around and wondering when did everything we do as a society become so competitive? I suspect we couldn’t fine a place to eat at 4:30 because everyone else thought like we did, lets eat earlier and avoid the wait. Same goes with the wedding stuff. People are locking in venues who aren’t even engaged yet, but suspect they will be soon and don’t want to chance losing their ideal location. My older gentleman friend has been in and out of relationships and prefers in rather than out and never see’s any guy regardless of age as a threat to his game. It’s all a bit nutty and it’s happening with everything and everywhere. Hunting for something should ideally be fun, but it isn’t when the competition is so unrelenting. Perhaps it’s a result of our population growth, and our aging society hanging around longer. Actually I don’t know why we are all so eager to get “there” first, but I do remember when it became popular and I’m blaming Gordon Gekko.