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Betty Draper from Mad Men reluctantly seeks therapy

I’ve been in therapy off and on over the course of my life for various reasons. The first time was due to a rocky childhood, the next was after a family death and at other times I’ve just needed a hand getting through difficult experiences. I’m in therapy now simply because I want to be a more well rounded and deeply comfortable in her own skin kinda gal.

When I started therapy late last year I will admit I had a lot going on and the last thing I wanted was to sit in a chair and explain to a stranger what my problems were. Yet I knew it’s because I was being torn in so many different directions that I needed a place and a space to stop and analyze what I was doing and why I was doing it.

carrie and cig

Carrie needed something more than cigarettes, comos, her girls and Big, she needed therapy!

Now for some, the duty of a good girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, significant other and the like, is to act as a pseudo therapist when you need to vent. I agree that talking things out with someone who knows you can be a good thing and we all should do it. When I need to air out my bad day, or complain about a co-worker or an acquaintance, a friend or my Boo is my best listener/adviser. I happily do the same for them. When I need to sit and really work through some issues in my life, like how to effectively communicate about a difficult subject without escalating into an argument, or how to not let what others do affect my mood, I talk to my therapist.

aniston therapy

Jennifer Aniston, 44, has spoken candidly about being in therapy

Recently I struggled with a difficult situation that seemed to reoccur and despite my lamenting about it to friends, I was unable to find a good solution to put it to rest. When I talked it over with my therapist her answer to my problem was so succinct, I couldn’t believe it would be that easy, but it was. That’s the beauty of a therapist, they give you an outside perspective that you, nor your friends and family might see.  A good therapist not only knows who you are, but who you are trying to become and they can help you on your path to getting there.

Gwyneth-Paltrow- therapy

Gwyneth Paltrow, 40, doesn’t keep it secret that she see’s a therapist

Taking the time every week to just work on my inner self is a major act of self love. As we age, taking care of yourself goes beyond your physical health especially when you realize your emotional well being is equally important. When you start feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it’ll come up in therapy and it’s there that you can deal with it before it takes a destructive toll on your life. In the few months we’ve been meeting, I already feel mentally lighter and more emotionally balanced.

It’s like this, I’m already driving around in a Ferrari, I’m simply trying to build a better engine.