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I love beautiful pictures. During my dorm room days in college, my first act of settling in involved putting up pretty posters on my walls. When decorating, the hunt for wall art can be a challenge to your wallet. How do you find great pieces that reflect your decor and won’t cost your next month’s rent? Ask someone you know to create the art for you. That’s just what I did several years ago when I asked a friend who’s a scenic in the film industry to create a painting for me. I wanted something abstract with splashes of color that indirectly reminded me of a rainbow. He came up with this piece and I loved it.


Now that we have moved, I adore how it brightens up the space over our dining room table and gives the entire room some life.

pic and light

The in-laws pendant lamp and my custom made art work

The next time you are looking for art that is unique and personal, try asking the people you know if they can create something for you. Having something personally made will not only add beauty but it will serve as a reminder of a wonderful friendship.