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Have you ever reached a point in your life when you looked in the mirror and thought; hummm I could use a little something? Perhaps it’s that I’m planning my wedding, or maybe it’s because I’ve been making YouTube videos to go along with this blog. Whatever it is, I’ve begun to take a very critical look at my looks and I’ve decided, I need work.

faith wearing braces

Faith Hill all smiles in braces at the Grammy Awards 2013

Last month when Faith Hill, 45, stepped onto the red carpet at the Grammy Awards sporting a pretty black dress and a smile full of metal, my initial reaction was; how brave! This trend of grownups wearing braces isn’t new. Tom Cruise sported braces at the age of 39, Gwen Stefani was heading towards 30 when she rocked braces, albeit for style purposes, because by then she could actually afford them.

tom and bracesgwen-stefani braces

Tom Cruise and Gwen Stephani prove you’re never too cool or too old to wear braces

I’ve always wanted to do something about my own set of pearly whites, but I never had the money to make them a priority. Even when I did have the dough, I often thought, well I’m well past the point of teenager, I would just look silly with them now. However, in recent weeks I’ve revisited my thoughts on this and I’ve decided; you’re never too old for self improvement!

There is always something we can fix and make better. I’m not saying go out and splurge on radical, extreme makeover type plastic surgery. What is good for some people is just too much for most of us. Yet when you look in the mirror, when you see something that could within reason be fixed, why not fix it? Straightening your teeth, toning up in the gym, or getting lasik surgery to get rid of those annoying glasses, are all ways we can self improve. Heck even a good hair cut and teeth whitener can do wonders. So next time you take a hard look in the mirror, don’t just wish you could fix a problem area, make a plan to do it. My dentist is now on speed dial.