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low heels

The low heel shoe trend from Glamour Magazine

The fashion experts all agree that black and white combinations, peekaboo pieces, leather, and low heeled shoes will rule the streets this spring. I love black and white, but it doesn’t exactly conjure up images of spring. Peekaboo tops and dresses, I’m sure it’ll work for someone, just not me. Leather in spring, hummm, let me think about that one. Now the low heeled shoes, that’s the trend I’ll be going with because it’s what I already do.

print pants trend

These pants paired with simple black makes a great impact

Being a 42 year old woman, I love keeping up with all the latest fashion trends. Last summer, I authentically embraced the neon trend without looking like I was trying too hard to be 20 by adding several pretty brightly colored t-shirts to my wardrobe. The best part about being in your 30’s and 40’s is that you know enough about yourself to know what you look good in and what to steer clear of, regardless of trend. I’ll often scour the web looking at things I love and figure out how to duplicate or put my own spin on a trend, and simply ignore the rest.


Get fashion inspiration while window shopping

One trend that I’ve seen over and over in department store displays and spring windows, here in NYC, is patterned pants. And I must say, I’m in love. I’ve been seeing the trend of polka dots and leopard prints for years.  Now there appears to be a push towards more intricate patterns like ikat, glen plaid, and hounds-tooth for spring. Even camouflage can be made sexy if done in a skinny jean with a shiny heel and a solid color open neckline top. So when you’re searching for ideas for your signature look for spring, go beyond the fashion magazines, get outside and look around, you might just find all the inspiration you need.


Take those print pants, add a pretty top and a nice shoe