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The bridal window for Ann Taylor

Last Friday, on a whim, I started poking around for dresses. Since we are having a small wedding, most likely with the reception taking place in a restaurant, I know I don’t want a big old princess ball gown. Frankly I think I’d get lost in all that crinoline and lace trend that the younger brides tend to be drawn to. I do however want big hair and big bling with my accessorizes, so with that in mind I’m going for a more simple yet sexy look for my actual dress. It’s the kind of thing where you have a vision in your mind and you just have to search until you find it. So I’ve officially begun the search.


2 great dresses found at Lord and Taylor

I ended up in Lord and Taylor’s which FYI, has discontinued it’s bridal section. They did however have some viable options in the form of formal occasion dresses. After struggling to get into the dresses and then trying to find someone to photograph me in them, I was beginning to find the experience frustrating.

But I wasn’t prepared for what happened when I went to Macy’s. Upon exiting the back elevator of Macy’s on the 8th floor you make a sharp turn to your left and there it is; the bridal section. The first thing you see is the biggest most bold and over the top wedding dress you can ever imagine. Once in the small bridal shop, you are simply devoured by gowns. So there I was standing in the middle of all this wedding dress confection and then it hit me. I AM REALLY GETTING MARRIED!!!

40w wedding

One of the less extravagant dresses at Macy’s bridal.

When you’ve dated someone for over 6 years, and you’d been in and out of many relationships prior to that, marriage becomes like a mirage. You think you see it on the horizon but just as you get closer you realize it’s an illusion. For years, marriage was a thing that happened to other women I knew. Always the friend of the bride, blah, blah, blah. So to find myself standing in the bridal shop at Macy’s confronted with my own reality that yes indeed it’s me who’s finally getting married, I was overwhelmed. The kicker came when my bridal consultant suggested I bring my mother in the next time I came for my appointment. I immediately went into water works mood, my mother is long deceased. Talk about a bad day. I usually relish shopping with the solitude of my own thoughts. This experience has taught me that bridal shopping isn’t a solitary endeavor. You need someone to help you into those ridiculously complicated gowns, giggle with you over the silliness of it all, and most important, act as buffer for the unknowing sales person who will inevitably say the wrong thing.