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Like fine wine, some things just get better with age. These 10 men over 40 prove that you don’t have to be a teen heart throb to be swoon worthy. They are grown, sexy and a bit complicated, but who are we kidding, we like them better this way.

tall dark

Idris Elba is tall, 6’3, dark, and handsome. Need we say more? This 40 year old British import made bad look good when he played the complicated drug lord character of Stringer Bell on HBO’s The Wire. This globe trotting hottie splits his time between London, L.A. and Atlanta where his daughter resides. During his down time he hits the clubs spinning the 1’s and 2’s as a DJ representing his pre-stardom days. Talks abound that he may be the next James Bond and for our money his swagger alone makes him the best in line for the job.

jeremy renner 1

Jeremy Renner, 42, has this indiscernible knack for treading somewhere between boyish charm and devilish sex appeal. His roles on screen often be-lye his age, capitalizing on his boy wonder charm.  His off screen antics, openly flirting with every female co-star he’s ever worked with, and having a child with an ex-girlfriend, proves he’s got a wild side that begs to be explored.

Sherlock Holmes

If he wrote a book it might aptly be titled surviving Madonna. Luckily for her, he has directing films to keep him busy instead. With good looks that rival many of his leading men, it’s a shame director Guy Ritchie, 44, spend the majority of his high profile years tattered to the pop stars coat tails. And thus he will always be associated with the title, Man Enough For Madonna, a tall order given the previous title holder was Sean Penn.

van jones

Van Jones, 44, is an attorney and civil rights activist who built a name for himself as an environmental advocate. President Obama took notice and appointed Jones to the position of Special Adviser for Green Jobs in early 2009. However, after being embroiled in a nasty media showdown with the likes of Glenn Beck and several Republican politicians over controversial remarks and activist participation made before his Obama appointment, Jones resigned at the end of 2009. Never media shy, nor short on opinion, Jones continues to make plenty of television appearances expounding on the need for greater environmental awareness and responsibility by the public and the government.


At 45 years old, Gavin Newsome is a 6’3 politico who has served as a twice elected Mayor of San Francisco, and is the current Lieutenant Governor of California. Will he be our real life Fitzgerald Grant? Although currently married, he already has a scandalous affair under his belt, having romanced the wife of his former deputy chief of staff and campaign manager.


Rocco Dispirito, 46, is a celebrity chief who’s sex appeal alone could set a kitchen on fire. A shameless self promoter, Dispirito has notched several TV shows and cookbooks under his belt and is widely considered quite the ladies man. Having been married and divorced in the early years of his culinary success, Dispirito seems hell bent on living the life of the perpetual bachelor.  A regular on the social scenes on both coasts, he’s dated a variety of women as diverse as an international menu at the UN.


Who can forget Olivier Martinez, 47, with that heart palpitating performance in one of the sexiest movies of all time, Unfaithful. While he was steaming up the screen with sexy co-stars like Diane Ladd and Angelina Jolie, he was steaming up the streets with actress Mira Sorvino, singer Kylie Minogue and model Rosie Huntington Whiteley. His status as a ladies man is stuff of legends but he seems to have put that all behind him when he became engaged to Halle Berry. While he may be ready to settle down, he’s clearly not ready to give up being the bad ass. This past Thanksgiving Martinez gave Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, a man ten years his junior, a headline making beat down over a custody dispute regarding Berry’s daughter.


Brad Pitt turns 50 at the end of this year but age hasn’t hurt his star power or his sex appeal. We want to hate him for leaving Jen, yes even after all this time, but we just can’t. The fact that he’s a love em and leave em kinda guy, see Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, we kinda love him for sticking by the seemingly high strung Angelina Jolie and her caravan brood. That self deprecating sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.


The man is 51. If you saw George Clooney on stage at the Oscars last month you’d know he looks his age. Every line on his face seems to hold a story and all we want to do is lay back and listen. Not since Sir Sean Connery have we seen a man’s sexiness outpace his age. His vow to never marry again, yes someone snagged him at least once, might hold the key as to why he steals our hearts. You always want what you can’t have.

tony g

Tony Goldwyn, 52, is the very definition of Hollywood royalty. He is the grandchild of movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn.  His philandering on screen character in the hit ABC series Scandal, makes us wonder what really went on in the white house during those Clinton years. (Goldwyn has alluded to patterning his character after former President Bill Clinton.) Acting is his other job when he’s not directing films and hit television shows. His off the charts chemistry with co-star Keri Washington makes you wonder if the sparks fly off the set as well.  But by all accounts Goldwyn is faithfully married with two children.