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Carrie Closet

It’s mid-March, have you cleaned out your closets yet? When daylight savings time takes affect, for me, it’s the official season of out with the old, make room for the new! The first thing I tackle is my clothing closet. With all these seasonal sales, close out deals, final markdowns and bargain clearances, it’s no wonder we accumulate racks and racks of clothing. If your closet or bedroom is starting to give you hoarder vibes, it’s time to take action.

One rule of thumb has always been; if you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. Whoa hold on there Milly. As a forty something year old fashionista, I know all things in fashion are cyclical. I may not wear that gorgeous brown suede jacket in a year, maybe two, but as sure as day the time will come when that suede jacket is the must have item of the season. Besides, why chuck the opportunity to score bonus points by throwing out something that by the time it’s in again, it’s vintage.

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My favorite rule for doing away with clothing clutter is to go by fit. Yes this can be time consuming, but well worth it. It usually starts on a cold Friday night or a rainy Saturday afternoon, and in March, there’s plenty of these days still hanging around. Immediately pick all the clothes you love without question. Make a love pile. Then divide up what’s left into maybe and donate piles. Try on everything in the maybe pile. The goal is to check for proper fit. If something is too big; donate. Too small or tight; donate. Anything bought on sale but never worn that requires alterations more costly than the item; donate. And don’t think about giving that donate pile a second look, bag it up immediately. At the end of a day spent in the dressing room of your home clothing store, you will have amassed a sizable donation for Goodwill and a neater closet. Now that’s a two for one you can’t pass up.

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