Initially when we decided to get engaged, I thought, let’s get married sooner rather than later. After all, we had already been dating and living together for 6 years, why wait? We always knew we’d have a small intimate wedding with just close family and a few friends; even more reason not to delay. But as I’ve slowly begun to start the wedding planning process, I’m realizing that I do want a fairy tale for my wedding, just not the one we all grew up with.

carie and lily

Sex and The City, The Movie is one of my favorite films. Not only does it reacquaint us with our gals after the end of the series, but the story is so perfectly thought out. Michael Patrick does a brilliant job weaving together the happily ever after fairy tale we all grew up believing in, juxtapositioned with all the challenges of today’s woman. When Carrie says, “we were perfectly happy before we decided to live happily ever after”, it spoke to every older woman’s fear of believing too much in fairy tales. We all secretly want the big dress and the pomp and circumstance nuptials, but how likely are we to live up to all that hype after the honeymoon ends?


The fact is, I know too much to believe in fairy tales, but should that stop me from having a beautiful fairy tale like wedding? With all the challenges and pressures that face most couples today— finances, career, family, the economy, technology etc, etc— why not indulge in a little bit of fantasy for a wedding? Will I have ten bridesmaids, rent out a small castle and arrive in a horse drawn carriage; of course not.  However I may end up wanting to rent the nicest small venue possible at a beautiful location so as to have pictures that reflect the beauty of that day. I probably won’t wear a white, strapless, princess gown, but no matter what dress I end up with, a beautiful lace veil will accompany it. Even a modern bride wants a bit of tradition.

So perhaps we won’t be getting wed as quickly as I originally thought. After all, it takes time to create a memorable fairy tale.

fairy tale