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I love being a 40 something year old woman. The thought of ever lying about my age would never dare enter my mind. There are just far too many advantages to being a woman in her 40’s in today’s world.

First, we look good. Yes I know it’s vain, but who among us isn’t just a little? And who can blame us for being ever conscious of how we look? Magazines, TV shows and their advertisements are all pitching to our vanity proclaiming ways in which to look younger and feel more vital. And guess what, we do look younger and many of us feel better than we did in our 20’s.

julie and sophia   There’s this great sense of satisfaction in being a woman of this particular age especially as it pertains to women in the mainstream media. You don’t have to look beyond your flat screen to see women who reflect this new outlook on age. Modern Family boasts an impossibly young looking Julie Bowen at age 43 and Sofia Vergara at 40 seems to be aging in reverse with each season.

house wives of atlanta   All The Real Housewives of where ever, seem to be hovering in their mid 40’s and aside from an occasional excess of botox, these women are the epitome of vitality.

jenny mcCarthy    Jenny McCarthy hamming it up on her self titled show on VH1 makes 40 look downright dirty and fun, in a grown folk’s sort of way.

julianna m   Julianna Margulies, 46, as The Good Wife proves being smart, tough, and beautiful only gets better with age.

courteney c   Courteney Cox manages to play out what would become of Monica Geller, from her days on Friends, if she divorced Chandler, look like a fun ride at 48 on her latest show, Cougar Town.

halle on esquirejennifer l bazaar

jennifer a on elle

And some of our best and brightest big screen actresses all seem to be hitting their stride in their 40’s. Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Weisz, Halle Berry and more have managed to stay relevant and vital at an age in Hollywood when women would normally see their careers begin to shut down.

Engaged 3

To look at me, most would never guest my age, and certainly wouldn’t believe I’m in my 40’s. Looking young isn’t just about taking good care of my skin, but is a direct result of how I feel on the inside. I simply don’t feel old. Not feeling old but definitely not feeling like a kid puts you in a place where you rely on your experience, confidence and instincts to lead you instead of veering off down paths without a clue.

At 42, there is nothing I feel I can’t accomplish because with age, thankfully comes wisdom. I’m not afraid to admit when I make a mistake but I’m start enough now to learn from them the 1st time. I’m free of the constant worry of living to please anyone or keep up with anyone else because I know how to settle into my own pace.

Starting my own business, getting married and beginning a family all at a time some might consider late in life feels right on time for me. If I had begun these journeys at any other time I have no doubt I would have been overwhelmed and unprepared mentally. And I know being an, ahem… mid- aged, woman doesn’t mean life will be smooth sailing from this point on. Age comes with its advantages and disadvantages equally. But I feel more comfortable in my skin, and seeing other women my age doing exciting new things with their lives only motivates me to forge ahead with confidence because I am not alone. So while 40 may not be the new 20, it’s turning out to be something far better!