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carrie types

For a girl who’s known most of her life that one of her dreams was to be married someday, now that an engagement has commenced, I find myself whoa-fully unprepared.

Despite being in a 6 year relationship I never dared do any real wedding daydreaming let alone pre-planning. There are no hidden folders on my computer with lists of ideal wedding venues, or dream dresses or awe inspiring honeymoon destinations. Well yes, there is a pinterest wedding board, but I know people who are already married who have pinterest wedding boards. So here I am, trying to figure out where and how to start diving into the world of wedding planning.

But here’s the thing, when I look over the many incarnations of wedding checklists, more than half the things on the list don’t even make sense to me. Booking caterers, videographers and photographers and hiring entertainment??? Am I having a wedding or hosting a P. Diddy white party? Ordering special under garments for your dress? Is there some sort of special wedding day spanx I’m required to wear?

And the fact that my fiancee, (still have not used his new official title out loud to anyone yet) and I have not decided on a date, nor city — he’s from Chicago, I’m from NYC — only makes the idea of planning even more daunting. The fact that we could be possibly planning a wedding in a city in which we don’t live is well, slightly over whelming.

So here I am sitting on the couch on a cold Saturday afternoon feeling terribly obligated to do something wedding related-ish, and really all I want to do is catch up on missed episodes of Scandal.

Is this a symptom of the 42 year old bride? Kind of reminds me of that scene in SATC when Miranda is wedding dress shopping. I want to get married, in front of the people I love, but I just can’t imagine creating a big old spectacle of a thing out of a ceremony at this stage/age in my life. Indeed, “The Jig Is Up!”

To be continued….

Miranda goes wedding dress shopping.