the 42 year old bride

If I could have lived out my idealized life, this is how it would of gone down…

At 23, after finishing college, I would have embarked on a successful and wildly exciting career as a media professional. For 5 years I would have jet set around the world, or at least the country, meeting and dating all sorts of people from starving artists to future titans of wall street. At 28, the man of my dreams would have promptly fell into my lap, and after a world wind courtship and engagement I would have waltz down the aisle at 30. By 32, I’d be well on my way to living happily ever after with the first of 3 children arriving on the scene, a loving and attentive man by my side, a thriving career, financial stability, and a golden retriever named Millard Fillmore.

So what happened? A week ago I became engaged, for the 1st time, at age 42.

Jennifer and Justin-Theroux

At least I can say I’m in good company when it comes to marrying later in life. Jennifer Aniston, at 44 is currently engaged. Model and actress, Elizabeth Hurley married at 42. Sandra Bullock and Salma Hayek married for the first time at 41.

carrie and big marry

And after a decade of on again off again dating, even Carrie and Big’s nuptials didn’t take place until Carrie was the ripe old age of…42.

So here I am, finally heading to the alter and the journey getting here went nothing like what I’d planned. But still I made it, and now the question is; how do I navigate this next phase of my journey as a 42 year old bride?

Stay tuned…